Sara Frailich & Beth VanDeWalker have over 20 years of marketing and design research experience combined. Together they have moderated hundreds of focus groups, ethnographies and co-creation sessions with moms, kids, consumers and business customers around the world. 

By combining the fields of Anthropology and Design we give companies a deeper understanding of their customer and guide them through a journey from insight to innovation.


Sara has worked as a Corporate Anthropologist and expert researcher for over 15 years. After masters degree work in Anthropology & Women Studies she started her career as a traditional focus group moderator and ethnographer for numerous Fortune 500 clients. She traveled the world leading research projects in places like Russia, Brazil, India & Mexico. 

She moved on to lead the Product Insights team at Target for 5 years. Coaching and teaching engineers and designers how to be better researchers and ethnograhers in their day to day work. She helped develop hundreds of new products, experiences and innovations while in the retail industry.

After a brief stint at 3M in their insights and innovation group Sara founded Design Research Collective in December of 2016. Sara is passionate about deep ethnography, understanding the what most importantly the why of humans, communities and cultures. .


During her tenure as an artist and designer in the Rock-and-Roll industry Beth developed branding and promotional systems for for artists, touring groups, festivals and events worldwide.

After a decade designing posters, billboards and marketing material for AEG Presents Beth was ready to combine her love for design with her as-yet unrealized passion for anthropology and research.

Beth is the kind of person the loves talking to strangers and learning about their life and world. Sit on a train next to Beth and you will soon tell her your life story, deepest darkest secrets.

Beth thrives when layering the insights from human stories into beautiful graphics, images and storytelling.

The Design Research COLLECTIVE

Every projects is unique; By building a unique team for each project we stay agile, engaged, efficient and uniquely innovative, bringing the right minds to the right problems.

OUR COLLECTIVE is a hand-picked team of Anthropologists, Researchers, Strategists, Designers, Storytellers, and Futurists working together to help companies flourish.

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